A photo a synthesis: 
Architect, traveler that through the union of fashion and architecture found a look and a work, a city, a story. 

Fashion Dresses bodies, architecture wears sites: these two arts reflect the dynamics of the city, culture, society, a moment, ideas of the time. 


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architecture modern brutalist of Le Corbusier in France

This lace-up top is a great piece to wear from Spring to Mid-Fall. We see laces everywhere from pants to tops and even bikinis.Personally I love this trend. I made a road trip to Cinque Terre in Italy.The idea of the trip was to stop in the 5 villages that are very close to one another.There are no cars in the villages an...

Why the stairs in the buildings of Paris how to wear a pijama for all day, architecture

Fall's lesson in unconventional layering continues today with the shirt-under-dress look. A favourite on the runways , this transitional outfit idea has the ability to extend the wearability of your sleeveless dresses and works for a variety of personalities too. 

Mila house is one of my favourite houses of Gaudi in Barcel...

About Cannes night, what to wear, what to do, where

BLACK AND WHITE as Karl Lagerfeld once said, "black and white always looks modern, whatever that word means." Wearing black and white head-to-toe has become the easiest formula for a put-together look.

After walking around the typical places and eating some
"tapas" in Madrid, I decided to go and view these two architectura...

While walking through Kensington Gardens, I found this building from Zaha Hadid which was a really a great surprise. This building is in the middle of beautiful nature, with an appearance intentionally different from the calm and precise form of the adjoining historical construction, so as to create a fascinating and dyna...

When we think about Paris architecture we think about Haussmann Neo Classical buildings, but we know how France is a country with a strong cultural charge there are famous examples from all the movements (gothic,renaissance,modern etc) this buildings is from 2014 and it becomes a icon for the contemporary architecture in...

A day in the magical Toledo in Spain while you walk to arrive to the top of the city you see  examples of architecture from the Roman and Visigoth periods of Toledo’s history. I don't want to spoil but when you arrive to the top, the view doesn't look real, you feel like traveling in time.

 It was a spring day perfect for...

 When you are in Paris walking in the streets there is no bad moment to take a seat  in some of the typical bars "brasseries"and have some coffee or a glass of wine, why not. 

 All that stripes need not be worn exclusively in one direction. So forget everything you've been told and get creative. Here, learn how t...

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November 29, 2018

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